Earl Smallshaw Clinic on Structure Modeling & Selective Compression

Earl Smallshaw was a well known model railroader, who passed away on Jan. 3rd 2014. Fortunately, thanks to Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine, we have one of the many clinics he presented.

This clinic, presented in four parts, is on tricks & techniques to make your model railroad look bigger than it is. Normally, you might think this should be part of the Scenery section. After all, he shows how to use aspects of scenery to force perspective, and make the area look much bigger than it really is.

The reason I'm putting it here, in the Planning section, is to show you that you can plan ideas for later, even while you're planning the layout. It also shows you that you don't need nearly as much room as you would think, in order to make a scene come alive. This will become much more important in the next section, where I explain Layout Design Elements.

Part 1 - Town Planning and Forced Perspective

Part 2 - Structure Modification and Detailing

Part 3 - More Structure Details and Trees & Foliage

Part 4 - Lighting, Signs, Issues & Problems

Planning Your Railroad